Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Δelta: Recursion

 So I had a weird idea a while back that I wanted to make into a GLOG class, but I couldn't think of 4 abilities that would make sense one after the other. Now that I'm accustomed to Deltas...

Δelta: Recursion

The format is bold Name, followed by a requirement in italics and a description of the power. This text is MOSAIC Strict.

Eye Watcher

After not sleeping for a couple days look into the eyes of a loved one and see your own eyes reflected in them. If those eyes lie, smash the mirrors! If they are true, rejoice!

When you watch someone's eyes, you see what they see. When you make eye contact with someone, it takes tremendous force of will for either of you to pull your gaze away from the other.

Teeth Chewer

Put a tooth that has been used to eat food into your mouth and grind it down into nothing. If you fall asleep at any moment in this process, start over.

Your teeth never stop growing because your a rodent, but your only able to grind them on teeth. For every minute that you chew a tooth you know what that tooth has chewed for the day before it.

Tongue Licker

For a few days do not let your tongue touch anything that's not a tongue, and make sure to deliberately lick a few. If you fall asleep at any moment in this process, start over.

You can no longer taste, unless you taste a tongue, in which case you taste what magic and devious words that tongue spoke. If you ever swallow tongue, you will choke on it.

Hand Holder

After not sleeping for a couple days, hold a loved one's hand so gently that they do not notice. Grip the other hand so hard that they cannot notice anything else. If afterward they remember you holding both their hands, start over.

It takes a tremendous act of will for you to let go of a hand your holding. You also know what a hand your holding wants to do.

Nose Sniffer

After not sleeping for a couple days take a good wiff of a few noses and think. If you figure out what the inside of your own nose smells like you get it.

You can perfectly identify smells that originate from noses, other scents will not interest you.

Ear Listener

Compose a song that is played with only the ears. Not hands thought, all the things making sound have to be ear, they don't have to be your own thought. If you fall asleep at any moment in this process, start over.

You can hear the sound of the ear drums around you as clear as a bell. Crowds are maddening.

Toe Treader

For a few days only walk on toes, as in you must step on the toes of others. If you fall asleep at any moment in this process, start over.

You can perfectly balance and are immovable by any outside force, when you stand on your tippy toes on top of someone else's toes. The reverse is also true for anyone else who steps on your toes.

Nail Poker

Find all the things a nail can do to another nail. Spend a couple sleepless nights to be sure.

You nails will not stop growing and they will grow fast, like wow.

Design Discussion:

I don't have much to say this time, it's rather self explanatory.


  1. I mean... yeah??? This is definitely a thing, that is for sure

    1. *nods* It is not within anyone's power to un-thing it.